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Pentek Intellidrive with Link2O

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Pentek® Tri-Larm™ with Link2O™

With the Tri-Larm looking after your home, you can be at ease knowing wherever you are you will be informed of a potential problem.

Key Features

Detects Leaks

Place the Tri-Larm in your basement, next to your washing machine, under the sink or anywhere a leak could occur. Combine the audible alarm with text and email alerts and the Tri-Larm will keep you informed of potential problems whether you are home or away.

Freeze Detector

The Tri-Larm will detect a drop in temperature and notify you of the possibility of frozen pipes.

Power Loss

Tri-Larm alerts you if your power goes out. You’ll know:

  • When your sump pump is not running
  • How long other appliances have been without power

NOTE: Tri-Larm requires a gateway to connect to the internet. If a gateway from another Link2O product is already installed, a second gateway is not needed.



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